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Graduate students on the Rosillos Ranch


In your first semester at TCU you should have identified a thesis supervisor and begun to discuss your thesis project. Depending on the situation, some students may get further along in their research than this.

By the end of your second semester you should have defended your thesis proposal and be ready to initiate research. If you expect to receive research money through the Adkins Fund, you must apply for external grant sources (examples might include GSA, AAPG, etc.). Your thesis proposal should include a detailed budget along with the monies you wish.

In your third semester you should complete any research and begin to work on your thesis.

In the final semester you are responsible for making sure you know all the deadlines for the defense and completion of your thesis. The exact dates change every semester, so you must keep abreast of them on the graduate student page of the College website.

Current Graduate Students

Student Name Major Office Advisor Research Area Email
Andrews, Ginny GEOL-MS SWR 256 (TA) Hanson Physical Volcanology
Atkins, Shea GEOL-MS Holbrook Fluvial stratigraphy
Bibb, Amber GEOL-MS Alsleben Subsurface Geology
Cepero, Robert GEOL-MS Xie Subsurface Geology
Crossley, Sam GEOL-MS SWR 256 (TA) Mayne Meteoritics
Gomez, Ali GEOL-MS  SWR 216  Xie  Basin Analysis
Gray, Rachel GEOL-MS Holbrook Subsurface geology
Gregory, Julia GEOL-MS  SWR 256 (TA) Mayne Meteoritics
Horner, Robbie GEOL-MS Holbrook Fluvial Stratigraphy
Howe, Tyler GEOL-MS SWR 256 (TA) Holbrook Fluvial Stratigraphy
Johnston, Shelby GEOL-MS Holbrook Fluvial Stratigraphy
Knolhoff, Bryce GEOL-MS SWR 256 (TA)
Linden, Matt GEOL-MS Alsleben/Xie Subsurface geology
McGregor, Graham GEOL-MS Holbrook Fluvial Stratigraphy
McGuire, Preston GEOL-MS  SWR 216 Xie Basin Analysis
Mehnert, Kyle GEOL-MS Holbrook Fluvial Stratigraphy
O’Donnell, Larry GEOL-MS Holbrook Fluvial Stratigraphy
Offurum, Chieke GEOL-MS Alsleben Subsurface geology
Tapp, Brian GEOL-MS Alsleben Subsurface geology
Taylor, Cameron GEOL-MS Alsleben Subsurface geology
Torres, Alex GEOL-MS  SWR 256 (TA) Holbrook Fluvial Stratigraphy
Weiss, Jonathon GEOL-MS  SWR 256 (TA) Xie Subsurface Geology
Williams, John GEOL-MS  SWR 256 (TA) Alsleben Subsurface Mapping