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Environmental Science

Professor Johnson, the undergraduate ENSC advisor, focuses on the science component of the major. Ms. Chris Arreguin advises all students on the core component of the major. A few weeks before the end of each semester (see the TCU academic calendar), advising signup sheets are posted outside their respective offices for students to sign up for an advising time.

A BS with a major in environmental sciences requires 46 semester hours from the following:

The Core (22-24 semester hours):

BIOL 10003

Contemporary Issues in Biology and

BIOL 30613

Natural History or

BIOL 10504

Introductory Biology I and

BIOL 10514

Introductory Biology II

GEOL 10113

Understanding the Earth

ENSC 30133

Concepts of Environmental Sciences

BIOL 30403


GEOL 40393

Soils in the Environment

ENSC 40193

Environmental Stewardship Seminar

ENSC 40001

Environmental Presentations

Electives (24 semester hours)

Students must select 24 hours of coursework with an emphasis in biological, geological or environmental sciences.

Associated Requirements (19 semester hours)

CHEM 10113

Freshman Chemistry

CHEM 10125

General Chemistry with Lab

PHYS 10154

General Physics I

MATH 10043

Elementary Statistics (or approved substitutions)

MATH 10524

Calculus I (or equivalent)

The total required for the BS with a major in environmental sciences is 132 semester hours.

The minor in environmental sciences requires a minimum of 18 semester hours of biology, geology or environmental sciences courses, including a minimum of three upper-division (30000 or above) courses.