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Dr. Rhiannon Mayne or Dr. Richard Hanson (depending on your last name) advise students in geology, and Ms. Chris Areguin advises students on the TCU core.

BS in Geology

The BS with a major in geology requires 33 semester hours in geology, including GEOL 10113, 30133, 30143, 30213, 30223, 30243, 30423 and 40516.

Associated Requirements: ENSC 10143, MATH 10524 and either MATH 20424 or 20123; PHYS 10154, 10164 (or PHYS 20474, 20484); CHEM 10113, 10125 (or CHEM 10114, 10124); COSC 10403 or MATH 10043 or INSC 20153.

Approved Electives: Twelve semester hours of science electives, selected with regard to the interest of the student.

A total of 132 semester hours is required for graduation with this BS degree.

Students planning to pursue technical jobs or qualify for graduate work in geology are strongly advised to satisfy the requirements for the BS degree. Some geology courses required for the BS degree require off-road field trips, particularly GEOL 40516, which requires a high degree of physical fitness and mobility.

BA in Geology

The BA in geology requires 21 semester hours in geology consisting of GEOL 10113, 30133, 30143, 30213, 30223, 30243, 30423, as well as ENSC 10143.

Associated Requirements: CHEM 10113. Some geology courses for the BA degree require off-road field trips.

Any minor approved for the BA degree is acceptable.

The BA degree with a major in geology is devised primarily for the student seeking a curriculum combining geology with another field of study.