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Applied Geoscience Undergraduate Program

The major in applied geoscience is administered by the School of Geology, Energy & the Environment (SGEE) and is available as a BS degree. The degree combines geology, environmental science and geospatial technology; students completing it will analyze, manage and map earth resources, water and groundwater resources, soils and sediment, pollution/contaminants and conservation efforts with an understanding of today’s environmental regulations. Students completing this degree will have the potential to pursue their Geoscientist-in-Training (GIT) license for the state of Texas and select from four different geoscience certificate options.

Applied Geoscience Major Requirements

The BS with a major in applied geoscience requires 36 hours in geology and environmental sciences; on a 126 hour degree, consisting of:

Required Geology/Environmental Science courses: 36 hours
ENSC 10143 Contemporary Environmental Issues
GEOL 10113 Understanding the Earth
ENSC 30363 Introduction to Geospatial Technology
GEOL 50523 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOL 30442 Earth Materials
GEOL 30413 Evolution of Plate Boundaries OR GEOL 30423 Structural Geology
ENSC 50703 Environmental Compliance

Choose 1 (3 hours) from ENV LEADERSHIP GROUP
ENSC 50793 Environmental Sustainability
ENSC 40193 Environmental Stewardship Seminar

Choose 1 (3 hours) from GEOLOGY GROUP
GEOL 30573 Stratigraphy
GEOL 40313 Invertebrate Paleontology
GEOL 30243 Sedimentology
GEOL 40970 Special Problems (1 to 3 hours)

Choose 1 (3 hours) from LAND SURFACE GROUP
GEOL 40493 Geomorphology
GEOL 40393 Soils in the Environment

Choose 1 (3 hours) from WATER GROUP
ENSC 50723 Water and Wastewater Technology
GEOL 50493 Physical Hydrology
ENSC 50763 Groundwater Hydrology
ENSC 50403 Rivers in the Landscape

Choose 1 (3 hours) from FIELD RESEARCH GROUP
ENSC 30403 Field Methods
GEOL 50713 Environmental Geology
ENSC 50613 Chemical Analysis of Environmental Systems
ENSC 30453 Wildlife Research Project

Associated Requirements: 28-29 hours (required and elective)
BIOL 10003 Contemporary Issues in Biology OR BIOL 30613 Natural History
CHEM 10113 General Chemistry I
MATH 10043 Elementary Statistics
MATH 10524 Calculus I OR MATH 10283 Applied Calculus
PHYS 10154 General Physics I with Lab

12 additional hours of science, engineering, math or computer science electives selected with regard to the interest of the student as approved by the advisor.

Details of the program are listed here.