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Dr. Mayne and XRF


Students in the School of Geology, Energy & the Environment have access to a wide variety of facilities and technical tools related to their particular field.

Computer Labs – A number of Macintosh and Windows-based computer labs are available for student use. Geological/petrological, statistical, GIS (ARCInfo and other software), image processing and cartographic software packages are available.

Rock Prep Lab – A lab with rock saws and other equipment is available for specimen production.

Microscope Lab – Several rooms with research microscopes are available. Equipment includes:

Hydrology Lab – A state-of-the-art stream simulation table is available for research purposes.Hydrology Lab

Core Lab Facility – A full description is here. In addition, the core lab has an OFITE Spectral Gamma Ray Logger (SGR-74)

Handheld XRF/XRD – A handheld Brucker XRF and a portable TERRA XRD/XRF analyzer are available.

Bat Lab – Includes a bat flight facility for observing bat behavior, thermal and night vision cameras, a wide variety of acoustic surveillance and mist netting equipment, and up-to-date video and acoustic analysis software.

Paleontology Lab – A small paleontology lab is available with storage and limited preparation facilities.

Rock Strength Equipment – includes:

Costa Rica Field Station – TCU’s San Ramon Tropical Research Station in Costa Rica is administered through TCU’s Institute for Environmental Studies.

Costa Rica San Ramon Research Facility